Airplanes and the beach

We’ve had a fun month now that I’m finally feeling better and able to go on more family outings.  2 weeks ago we visited the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum.  Oliver had SOO much fun.  Note that in a lot of the pictures, he has his mouth open in an “O” because he’s so excited!  He ran around so much and all the volunteer docents were amazed by how much energy he had.

Then we went camping on the beach with Shaun’s friends from work, Sally and Zach.  We went to a kite festival as well, but it started raining a lot just as we got there and there weren’t too many of the big kites out for us to see.  Oliver was happy to get to play in the sand and he likes the few kites we did see.

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One thought on “Airplanes and the beach

  1. Um, what the heck? Oliver seems to have magically grown up all of a sudden. He aged half a year AT LEAST since your March pictures. 🙂

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